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How to be wonderful…


It’s the subject of many a blog, advertisement and you tube tutorial. It’s a topic debated by the philosophers of old, and speculated by seekers of self knowledge and success. It’s the conundrum of students emerging from education into the ‘real’ world, of mothers contemplating their newborns, and of every board of directors. And it’s often the unspoken aim or painstaking goal for that first date, that big event, or that landmark birthday…


So, what’s the key to being wonderful?


At Johny Dar, we believe that ‘wonderful’ is already yours. You’ve got it, you are it and you can be it, beyond your wildest imaginings.


It might take a minute for you to accept that possibility. Perhaps you are sodden with self doubt, or you had a really crumby childhood and parents that didn’t believe you or in you. Maybe your best friend made it big at 21 and left you in the gutter. It might be that you still haven’t forgiven yourself for that thing you did all those years ago, that only you know about…


Putting all that, or whatever plagues you in your darkest hour, aside (because, let’s face it, what’s done is done both personally and collectively, and we need to move on) - for the sake of this article, let’s roll with the assumption that you are, in essence, ‘wonderful.’ How do you unlock that ‘wonder’ from within you, in a way that actually works?


It’s not always as easy as 1,2,3 - whatever the tutorials tell you. When you are faced with tragedy, anguish, bills, break ups, broken homes and whatever else, being wonderful doesn’t always feel easily accessible. Beyond that, the world is a challenging place. We’re on the brink of extinction basically - poised to destroy our planet and each other if we keep going down the same old track - war, pollution, cutting down trees, and the rest. Sorry to put a blight on your pleasant read, but let’s just take a moment to ‘fess up. Humans are great in many ways - we have the capacity to love for one thing - and we’ve created a very enticing and exciting world for ourselves, but at the expense of quite a lot.


So, coming back to being wonderful. In the really big sense of wonderful. How can we rise above the circumstances, from the break ups to the bills to the impending doom of the planet, and make a difference. Be the best that we can be. Give something back to life and leave this world one day (because that’s a sure thing) knowing we made it a better place, and did the best we could with what we had.


Let’s take Johny Dar as an example. Don’t be put off by the fact that he’s mega talented and successful and internationally acclaimed and all that. The point is, he’s dedicated to setting up platforms that help people be wonderful. One of those platforms is the Johny Dar brand - artistic experiences to inspire and delight and bring out the wonderful in you. He also set up Jeans For Refugees - a global initiative for collaboration, innovation and positive change. While it’s championed by a bunch of uber glamorous celebrities, it’s a venture anyone can get involved in, no matter their skillset, or where they’re from. Our plan is to keep JFR going until we solve the refugee crisis all together. But they only way we can do that is if more and more people decide they are wonderful, and that they’re going to be wonderful and chuck their 50 cents - or 500 million cents, or whatever they can spare, into the mix. We’re not just talking cash. We’re talking skills, time, ideas, social media shout outs - whatever you’ve got to offer. We’re brewing it all up together in one giant pot to make a difference to humanity as a whole.


Chasing up more than a hundred pairs of jeans from the world’s most mighty celebrities was a challenge in and of itself, let alone galvanising the rest of the world to pay attention and support the mission. Johny almost broke his hand from hand-painting each and every pair that we retrieved in 2016. But despite the many obstacles and seemingly impossible tasks we went for it, and kept going because we wanted it to be wonderful for the world, and we wanted to inspire the world to be wonderful too.


Now, trust us, we’ve been on this mission for a while and we’ve heard all the excuses. Too busy, can’t afford it, too last minute, not ‘at this time’. We’ve also experienced amazing offers of support and demonstrations of generosity. But to bring it back to the point, we’ve noticed that being wonderful is not really about the situation, it’s about the state of mind.


Which is why, while we’re brewing up the next stage of Jeans For Refugees, we’re also busy introducing the IQ-ME colouring books to the world at large. That’s because they’re a beautifully simple, universal tool to help people access their own wonderfulness. More specifically, they balance the hemispheres of the brain and calm the mind, allowing individuals easier access to their own innate intelligence and creativity. Basically, they help you shut up the peanut gallery of voices that occupy your mind most of the day, and literally bring you back to the drawing board - and a still, quiet centred place from which your super self can emerge.


Now we’re not talking about a dramatic Clarke Kent / Superman transformation, or a Jim Carey in The Mask type experience. We’re talking about small, subtle shifts in your perspective that can reinvent the game of life altogether. So from believing you are the victim of your circumstances you can transform into the architect of a life you want to live. From what we’ve seen (unless you are Johny Dar) this tends to happens gradually, slowly, one simple idea and small revelation after the next. As you colour the cartoon like IQ-ME figures - a wonderfully childlike activity - you create the space to establish your own thoughts / feelings / emotions on the matter in hand. As opposed to your mother or father or teacher or CEO’s voice (which can confusingly seem like your voice in your own head) telling you that you can’t possibly afford it, or manage it, or there are too many risks, or it doesn’t fit your budget or defined strategy, or it probably wont work. As a side note / tip for life: one of the things IQ-ME can reveal (if you’re paying attention) is that our most formative and frequent influences (ie. Mama, Papa, Mr Whats His Face) are often the voices we hear internally as our own. And until we bust through them, it’s very difficult to access, establish and enact our own wonderfulness.


The lovely thing about IQ-ME is that it offers a short cut through the labyrinth of psychoanalysis and PTSD and all the rest. It just works, and the next thing you know, you have the idea, and the understanding of how to realise it. Or why not to realise it, as the case may be. The point is, for their own wonderful reasons these little colouring books are like kryptonite to all the limitations that keep you from accessing your own super-being. Simply put - they offer calmness which brings clarity, and with that clarity the opportunity to experience and wonder at your own wonderful self.


Because really, underneath the make up, the hat, the job description, the facade, the anxiety,  the commitments, the schedule, the excuses, or the reasons why you can’t, you are wonderful. And you can be wonderful. We really, truly believe it.


The thing is - our marketing is genuine - and we hope you feel that, all the way through.


So grab yourself an IQ-ME from either of our websites and give being wonderful a shot.

And if you are inspired to jump on board the Jeans For Refugees train, then that’s wonderful. 


If not - then the most important thing is - you are wonderful, your own way.



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