Personal Empowerment and Wellbeing through Colouring Books... And it really works! Here's why...


It’s 2019 and information overload is a given. Smartphones have paved the way for us to receive more information every day than ever before, information from all around the world - endless, non stop, scroll-until-you-drop, 24/7 updates.


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The quality of that information is questionable, and how much it nurtures our own personal growth and wellbeing is undetermined. It partly depends, perhaps, on who or what we follow on instagram, twitter and facebook. But regardless of our individual choices, favourites or careers, most of us are, to some extent, social media addicted, compelled, or at the very least in touch. But when you find yourself in a briefly unoccupied moment, or procrastinating before addressing the task in hand, and once again click the time-sucking IG app (how many times a day? Probably more than you care to count), what pops up in your feed? And how does it make you feel? 


If you spend your winters in Europe, the endless sexy photos of bikini clad influencers in January can get a bit much at times. Yes, we know, the beach is great, the sun is wonderful, and your body is gorgeous. How well the image has been crafted, the composition of the shot and the quality of the photoshopping is often secondary. Our first reactions are usually emotional. We feel so happy for our friend who just got engaged, or had a baby. Or so sad to learn of a loved one’s death. So jealous we missed that wedding, or haven’t got the ready cash to buy that new make up item that promises to make us feel like a goddess. Or perhaps we wonder if we should start a fitness routine, sign up for that empowerment course, or go to the hairdressers because, really, compared to that hottie who seems to be rocking their world, we look and feel like shit. 


The point is, we are constantly bombarded with incoming information. It might be news about the latest refugee crisis, or the latest #mood of a supermodel. Regardless, as we scroll and scroll, we are constantly absorbing messaging - couched in images, text, and subtle or not so subtle advertising. But how does this messaging impact us, really?


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We may think we are immune, but like it or not, somewhere, a part of our brain is responding. That is simply the nature of it. We are conditioned to respond to our environment - it’s a survival thing at its most basic. Often, after sucking up an overdose of instagram, we go out and buy a freak purchase, or book that holiday online, because we feel compelled to just do it. Because we are inspired, or depressed, or somehow want to compensate for what we have seen, read and consumed, in the form of information beamed through the screen.


We’d be shooting ourselves in the foot to say that all messaging and social media is unhealthy. But at Johny Dar, we believe in giving your brain a break once in a while! Our philosophy is that your greatest guru, most beautiful inspiration, and best friend is, in fact, you. But it’s hard to hear your own voice when it is competing against all the posts you’ve read, and all the images and ideas brought to you courtesy of the small but powerful smartphone screen, that claims so much of our attention every day.


That’s one of the reasons we love IQ-ME. They are a little old school in some ways, kind of humble, simple, easy to use, unassuming, analogue colouring books. Something you can do with your hands, eyes and mind, off screen. You might feel it’s a little childish even, to sit down and simply colour in geometrical patterns.

iq-me by Johny Dar 

But the nature of IQ-ME is that it works with the modes of perception - your eyes and pineal gland. In other words, the faculties that deal with a good part of the information you perceive every day. The brain handles incoming information by breaking it down into simple geometric shapes, which it processes based on your personality traits, previous experiences, patterns of thought, and belief systems. Colouring the simple geometrical shapes of IQ-ME supports and nurtures this process, like a digestive aid that helps you break down a hefty meal. This allows your mind more space, and offers it the support system to lighten up from the weigh of all the input, and come to a point of neutrality, calm and peace.

It’s a simple but brilliant technique, and the only way to know is to put it to the test. 


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A few minutes with IQ-ME can bring on the revelation that we don’t need that lipstick, that holiday or that appointment to have our hair cut. Actually, we are quite fine, just the way we are. When the mind settles down from the constant hustle, or battle, or drive to achieve whatever we are striving for, we give ourselves the chance to discover we may already have what we are seeking, or the wisdom to resolve a given situation, or the idea we need to move forward. That thing that a minute ago we thought we didn’t have, or had to grasp for in some way, just because we don’t have a super hot pic at the top of our profile announcing our latest success story.


Often, when stress or drama or decision-making gives us a headache, a practical application of our own natural intelligence is all that is required. We come to directly experience the sense of wellbeing, fulfilment and happiness that we otherwise tend to give up so generously, to other people and places and ideas. The reason infants shine with that angelic glow is because they haven’t yet reached a stage where they give themselves up to their environment. They are content to simply be. And that is a privilege that all human beings deserve, which is why its in the job description. So next time you are about to sell yourself short, and give it up for that something or someone or somewhere all over again, try sitting down with an IQ-ME, and embrace the power of your own natural intelligence. You’re not just worth it - you are it - so take a moment to discover and celebrate you, with all the gifts you already have within your own self. And relax…




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