"Remember... rise above the fear..."


We’re excited to share our new lockdown production with you… Not only because IQ-ME plays a starring role, but because it was created by a #dreamteam of passionate artists, with the intention to keep the creative spirit alive and thriving, and to share joy, love and inspiration in unprecedented, changing times.


In November 2017, Johny Dar released his first single - ‘Be Free’ - which beckons listeners to ‘remember… rise above the fear’, and return to our innate connection with nature and each other. With the appearance of Covid19 in 2020, Johny was struck by the relevance of ‘Be Free’ in the lockdown climate, and invited Paolo Tossio to remix the track. Teaming up with video artist Mustafa Özkök, the team were determined to overcome the limits of lockdown. No one had a budget but everyone had time - and love for life and art. Together, they managed to co-produce a new ‘Be Free’ music video, combining original lockdown footage with dynamic motion graphics featuring Johny’s art.

The video follows the journey of a girl (played by Ami Stidolf) in lockdown. Alone at home, she finds herself sinking into boredom, depression and despair - until she picks up IQ-ME. Colouring IQ-ME opens up the doors of her imagination, and brings her peace, relief, and renewal. Empowered and inspired, she is liberated to express her emotions creatively, and discovers new ways to connect with friends and the world around her.

So why does IQ-ME play such a pivotal role in the video, and can it really help to overcome lockdown blues and the many practical challenges we face, individually and collectively, as a result of recent global events? The answer is, yes, it really can. 

The reason IQ-ME can help is because it supports the brain to handle, digest and release stacked up sensory experiences and information. This is achieved through the arrangement of triangles, circles and squares within the IQ-ME shapes, which work with the eyes and pineal gland to support our inbuilt system for processing sensory perceptions. In most humans this system is usually in overdrive, largely due to technology and the internet. In the world today, excessive consumption of media and social media is the norm - we constantly take on information from all over the world, and keep abreast with global news on a moment to moment basis. The problem is we are not always able to process or digest the information that we perceive, which results in it getting stacked up in the frontal lobe of the brain and the subconscious. The frontal lobe is like the steering wheel of our car - it is the faculty we use to navigate our way through life. Being overloaded with undigested information is like driving through life with a dirty windshield, which makes it difficult to maintain a balanced, clear perspective that empowers us to be of benefit to ourselves and others.

We are sensitive creatures by nature, just like animals who know exactly when to jump or fly or where to go in order to survive and thrive. But when our senses are too bombarded (think of the fear, anxiety and contention rife in the media and on social media) we become shut down and desensitised, and can forget our innate ability to connect the dots of a situation in a way that serves our evolution. This is one of the reasons people end up feeling lost or depressed or suicidal - because their natural system for navigating life is choked up with undigested information and experiences. IQ-ME is a way of detoxing the mind, senses and subconscious. It assists the brain to clear unwanted debris, clarifying the conscious mind, and leaving us lighter, clearer, and more capable of accessing original ideas, natural intelligence and creativity.


So the new #BeFree video is a message of inspiration - and also a very practical and applicable tip for breaking through the limits of lockdown and becoming #FreeInside. As its heroine transitions from an outer world of chaos to an inner world of peace, she is empowered to express her individuality, and to  find wellbeing and happiness in her unbreakable connection with all life.


We hope it inspires you to stay wild and free at heart!

Who wants a new normal anyway?! When you let go of the mundane you make room for the magical to happen...

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