Super juice and colouring books - a natural way to holistic health in body and mind


Here at Johny Dar / IQ-ME HQ, we’re all juiced up about our new collaboration with B.fresh. Not only because we sincerely love their cold pressed goodness in all its forms, but because teaming up with them means we can offer people mind and body health all at once. B.fresh are a British brand with strong farming roots in (sometimes) sunny Shropshire and a talent for making no fuss, good sense, cold pressed drinks packed full of fresh fruit and veg, that are some of the tastiest we’ve tried this side of the pond.


Super juice and colouring books - a natural way to holistic health in body and mind and a brand new package from Johny Dar and B.fresh. Balance your brain and your gut bacteria with IQ-ME colouring books and super juice to discover a happier healthier way to wellbeing, and bring a colourful juicy spring to your step!


So, we’ve put our heads and hands together, to produce healthy holistic packages, consisting of B.Fresh smoothies, packed full of juicy goodness plus extra friendly bacteria, and IQ-ME colouring books. So you can have it all. Sound mind, sound body. It’s an unbeatable formula that takes care of you on the inside, physically and mentally.


The B.fresh team are lovely no nonsense types who prepare all their cold pressed goodness on location, surrounded by fields of leafy greens. Their part is to select the best veggies and fruit that are simply, easily, unquestionably good for you. Our part is the IQ-ME colouring books, which are proven to balance the brain and clarify the mind. So while B.fresh goodness helps cleanse your gut and digestive system, IQ-ME basically sorts your head out. It’s a revolutionarily healthy, tasty, not to mention colourful, combination.


Over the last decade, research has suggested that the bacteria in our bellies might potentially be as complex and influential as our genes when it comes to our health and happiness. In other words, having the right balance of ‘psychobiotics’ in your gut can be the difference between waking up to roses or rubbish, in terms of how you feel within yourself. So, nourishing the good bacteria that already exist naturally in your digestive system can actually make you feel better, brighter and more positive about life. That’s basically a no-brainer. (Note to Self: if you’re feeling gritty then nourish your gut. It will help.)


As many of us know, the recesses of the mind can be a bit - or a lot - more complicated. While healthy bacteria can help, prologued or sporadic symptoms of depression, anxiety and alienation can’t always be chased away with a simple smoothie. That’s where IQ-ME comes in. Other than being a collection of cute figures somewhat reminiscent of Manga or Mickey Mouse or your favourite childhood cartoon character, IQ-ME is also a heavyweight tool for mental health. 


While your digestive tract contains bacteria and enzymes like pepsin, gastric lipase, trypsin, chymotrypsin and peptidases which enables you to handle that burger, or that spaghetti, or that mountain of ice cream you just consumed, your brain has its own way of breaking down information and storing it. But sometimes, with food and with information, we struggle to handle our intake. This is commonly recognised as overeating or ‘digestive’ issues. Some people pop an antacid, others sip a peppermint tea. Either way, when we get to a point of discomfort due to overconsumption of food, we tend to reach for a digestive aid of some kind or other.


iq-me coloring book and healthy green juice


Just like our bodies, our minds can also become saturated and overloaded with information, which can lead to feelings of helplessness, insignificance and depression. We live in a society that is more comfortable in terms of lifestyle than it has ever been, yet mental health issues are on the rise. One of the reasons for this is that we deal with media overload - just take social media scrolling or advertising as examples. Because of technology and the internet, we now take in more information than ever before on a daily basis, but our minds are not necessarily trained or equipped to process or digest that information with ease.


This is where IQ-ME comes in, because the IQ-ME figures act as digestive enzymes for your brain. IQ-ME designs are based on the principle that the brain handles information by breaking it down into simple geometric shapes, the way the stomach breaks down food into amino acids. Perceiving and colouring IQ-ME supports and nurtures this process, aiding the brain to process ideas, interactions and experiences, just like an enzyme or digestive aid helps the body handle a hefty meal. This allows the mind more space, and offers it a support system to lighten up from the weight of incoming information, assisting it to reach a point of neutrality, calm and peace. So by helping balance and restore the brain and gut’s natural functions, IQ-ME + B.fresh supports calmer thought patterns, emotional stability, creative aptitude and organic intelligence. 


We like to think of our IQ-ME + B.fresh packs as the ultimate care packages - simple but genius good sense that works, and makes you genuinely feel better than ever. So without getting into all the iggy niggy science behind it all at once (although that’s coming, and if you have questions they are welcome) the bottom line is, IQ-ME + B.fresh helps with mental health, wellbeing, #moods, vibes, feel-good-factors, and getting back / ramping up your mojo.


Basically, we’re here to help you to become the super you that you always knew was there. Or perhaps you didn’t always know, because your mind sometimes gives you gip and you’ve been dealing with imbalanced gut bacteria or self-doubt or some other challenge that is part and parcel of being a human on earth these days. But at Johny Dar, we believe in your super you, so with a little help from our friends B.fresh, we’ve put together some tools to help You emerge…

You can order your first holistic health pack of goodness today at .


We hope our IQ-ME + B.fresh offerings support you on your journey, and that you enjoy discovering a brighter, fresher, more intelligent and more inspired you :)

B.Fresh juice and IQ-ME coloring books


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