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We’d like to take a moment to celebrate IQ-ME 6 - a beautiful little colouring book from the IQ-ME series, that features a collection of original mandalas created from Johny Dar’s free-hand line-work. All Johny’s mandalas are inspired by organic intelligence, and intricately crafted into alignments of geometric structures that give shape to the mandalas themselves.


Sounds good right? But it’s so much better than that. It does good too. And in it’s own very special way. Let us explain…


Johny Dar created his mandala series - which consists of no less than 100, 000 mandalas (yes, that’s not a typo), with the intention to assist people to redefine their reality through the art of perception. For those just tuning in - the theme of offering a new perspective through his art is integral to all Johny Dar’s work. And it is - partly - his extraordinary technique of creating images from an accumulation of shapes interlaced together, that sets him apart as an artist. This technique not only creates a unique aesthetic effect, but also has a significant impact on the brain and subconscious, which acts as a form of ‘art therapy’. This is because the mandalas induce a shift towards greater harmony and balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, leading to a more meditative state of mind, through which the observer is empowered to see with new eyes. In other words, this makes IQ-ME 6 an effective tool for relaxation, mindfulness, enhancing creativity and empowering natural intelligence. 


The mandala is a symbol with ancient origins, and is celebrated within many traditions as a visual metaphor for the essence of life itself. ‘Mandala’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘circle’, and in Hinduism and Buddhism it represents the universe, the human spirit and divine perfection. Mandalas also relate to the flower of life (representing the cycle of creation), eternal life, and the human spiritual journey or quest for unity with the totality of existence. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung identified the mandala as a symbol of the inner process by which individuals grow towards fulfilling their potential for wholeness (or individuation), and the mandala is often used in psychotherapy today as an emblem and aid for reaching a complete understanding of the self.


In keeping with all his work, Johny Dar mandalas are not the evolution of any known tradition, but are entirely original. Applying a groundbreaking artistic technique imbued with healing properties within an ancient symbol, creates fascinating works of art that are also a useful tool for promoting harmony and balance, both within individuals and society at large.


Johny Dar is a passionate advocate for art as a medium through which we can inspire and transform our world, in order to secure a bright future for the generations to come. This, he believes, necessarily involves a shift in our perspectives and actions - as individuals and as a human collective - in order to preserve the earth and prevent the extinction of humanity as a species. IQ-ME 6 is little book which promises big help in times of strife - offering a meditative and calming experience designed to nurture balance, harmony and healing. A form of subconscious and conscious therapy, IQ-ME 6 assists individuals to cultivate awareness, self-knowledge, and a sense of purpose in daily life. This is initially achieved effortlessly, since the patterns themselves are informed by organic intelligence, which is the original intelligence behind the architecture of the human body, otherwise known as nature. So the brain naturally recognises the harmonious alignment of geometric shapes reflecting its own inherent make up, and shifts towards a more balanced state in response. This is the first step to a conscious integration and realignment of the brain, body and senses. 


Today smart phones, social media, and technology, are on the rise. Many people - particularly those living in metropolitan areas - are bombarded with advertising, media and information overload, as well as with bluetooth, wifi signals and various forms of invisible radiation, all of which are increasing at an exponential rate. This impacts both brain and body, and can cause imbalances within individual (and collective) ecosystems, in some cases leading to mental or physical illness. In the current global environment, art that carries the capacity to nurture holistic health, by reconnecting humans with our internet organic nature, has a significant intrinsic value that reaches far beyond the aesthetic. At Johny Dar we champion that value through a range of projects, from the celebrity spearheaded Jeans for Refugees, to IQ-ME colouring books. You see, for us, ‘Where the Future Starts’ does not begin in a world of AI, but a realm in which individuals are empowered to live in balance and harmony - within themselves, with each other, and with the natural world.


While mandalas are an enduring archetypal symbol within human consciousness, often portrayed as having ‘magical’ properties, IQ-ME 6 offers fresh designs and a groundbreaking methodology that is applicable and beneficial in the modern world. So, how does this really work within daily life?How is it really possible to apply mandalas to achieve ‘magical’ abilities and new ways of seeing and being in the world? Actually, while mandalas themselves are often affiliated with the esoteric, modern science also offers am explanation. Studies with a wide range of age groups have shown that the process of observing and colouring mandalas, and the organic shapes interlaced together within them, helps calm the mind and brings renewed inspiration, ideas, energy, and a zen-like serenity to the individual.


This can be explained in the following way: our brains have two hemispheres, the left and the right. Most of the time, our ideas originate in one hemisphere of the brain, which then imposes the idea upon the other hemisphere. The greater the separation between the right and left (masculine and feminine) hemispheres of the brain, the more difficult it becomes for us to access the full potential of our intelligence. This is because that potential is realised and exercised through the communication that occurs between the left and the right sides of the brain. 


Johny Dar mandalas are specifically designed to engage and balance both sides of the brain, through the unique style of artwork that Johny applies to create them. The proof is in your experience, and your own direct observation of your state of mind and being - before, after and during your IQ-ME 6 experience… Remember, you are your own greatest guru - now equipped with a brand new tool to help awaken your own enlightenment, so we highly recommend you get stuck into the adventure of a lifetime! And relax…

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