This podcast reveals how we overdose our brains through information consumption...


Freedom, empowerment and intelligence are attributes of our true nature - values that are inherent to us, yet which we are lacking as a society… we are collectively facing a situation in which the human species, as well as our planet, is under threat. 

IQ-ME is built on the understanding that we are sensitive creatures by nature, and that when we overdose our brains with information consumed through the senses, it can actually inhibit our growth.

IQ-ME is designed to assist individuals to free themselves from the many layers of experience and information accumulated throughout their lives. Through this process, our true potential - unlimited by conditioning and cultural programming - can be revealed and realised, leaving us free and empowered to offer our natural gifts to the world.


A podcast about IQ-ME and the benefits it offers, is available in 3 parts at the links below:

PART 1 -


PART 2 -


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