1. A piece of peace. Time to chill out and calm down and just colour. Easy, thought free. Totally rejuvenating.


  1. Meditation made easy. All the good things about meditation condensed into a few minutes of colouring. Impact is immediate and clear. Uplifting and energising.


  1. Secret to breakthroughs. Richard Branson says if you are stuck for an idea then go and have a shower - the answer can just come to you. Better than a shower is IQ-ME. Answers, breakthrough ideas and revelations come naturally and effortlessly.


  1. Empowers your inner artist. Even if you are not much of an artist. Makes it easy to produce attractive little artworks, no matter your skill set. Serious satisfaction and feel good factor.


  1. Amazing sleeps. Knocks you out like a light. Just colour one IQ-ME before bed or a nap and you will sleep like a baby  - pretty much immediately - even if you usually suffer from over thinking or anxiety. Works like a charm.


  1. Family Fun. Great for kids of all ages and everyone loves it when adults play and colour too. With IQ-ME the benefits are many, for adults and kids. So everyone’s a winner.


  1. Headache saver. Fighting a headache or feel one looming? Reach for the Neurofen no more! IQ-ME can chase away a mini migraine in only a few minutes. Colour for a bit, give yourself permission to relax, and close your eyes. Chances are you’ll be headache free momentarily.


  1. Shift your mood. A few minutes with IQ-ME can change your whole day. Consciously put it to the test and guaranteed you will notice the difference. Can transform a pending disaster into a magical moment, and a stress bomb into a breeze.


  1. Balance your brain. IQ-ME works with the eyes and pineal gland to balance the two hemispheres of the brain - left and right, masculine and feminine, emotional and analytical - it helps them merge harmoniously and work together. So it’s basically a short cut to enlightenment. That’s a train to catch.


  1. Tube trend. IQ-ME on the tube is under-ground-breaking. Best way to spend time when travelling or waiting, to feel and be super productive. Ultimate city slicker move that will make your journey brighter (and everyone else secretly jealous).


  1. Decision making. About to make a big decision that might change your life forever? Colour IQ-ME to release stress, indecisiveness and help yourself reflect on the situation calmly to make a wise decision. You are your greatest guru. Just give yourself a minute to show up.


  1. Fear buster. Got the heebie-jeebies about something? Can’t get it out of your head? Been hit by a 3am anxiety attack? IQ-ME is the rescue remedy that will calm you down and put you back to sleep like a baby.


  1. Bad habit breaker. That resolution you have almost given up on..IQ-ME it! Every time you are dying for that smoke, that food, that ex-lover of yours - colour IQ-ME before taking action, and watch your addictions melt into the rainbow and a new empowered you emerge.


  1. Beauty benefits. For real. Ditch botox and all that cosmetic shabang you are not so sure about anyway. Better than the highest grade eye gel or youth concentrate is IQ-ME. Eases tension from your eyes and forehead to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 100% organic and natural. Say no more.


  1. Creative Kids Time. Invent ways for your kids to explore IQ-ME and watch their creativity flourish, while they absorb the basics of math and geometry. Simple exercises like finding faces in the shapes or colouring all the triangles will have them occupied for hours, and emerging like they just went to satsang with Da Vinci.


  1. Personal trainer. Improve your focus, ability to concentrate, and your self-discipline by setting yourself your own specific IQ-ME challenges and targets, then stick to them and wonder at the new improved you.


  1. Tech Detox. It’s 2019 and information overload is a given. IQ-ME is a stealthy secret weapon in modern times, which acts as an enzyme to help you digest excess information. So it actually brings you more space in your brain for productive, creative thought. Fast, effective relief from social media overdosing.


  1. Mundane Miracle Worker. All those mundane moments that annoy the pants off you because you feel like your time is being wasted - like being on hold on the phone or in an actual queue. IQ-ME those situations to feel and be on top of your game and in the mindset not to mind.


  1. Inner Child. We all have one and they love to play! Let go of your agenda and angst and be the innocent carefree you for a moment. Psychology at its simplest - IQ-ME is basically affordable therapy sessions on tap.


  1. Superhero self. Bottom line: IQ-ME is designed to assist you to realise your full potential in brain and body. So get down and get with it and watch your superhero self emerge…