About IQ-ME

Welcome to IQ-ME… a world of play, discovery, relaxation AND enhancing natural intelligence! 


So how is it really possible to achieve all those things, through the simple process of colouring?


IQ-ME is Johny’s personal answer to the question of how he is able to achieve so much, and to such an extraordinary standard. Johny’s experiences have led him to see human perception as operating on similar principles to the mechanics of electricity, with negative, positive and neutral required in order for the current to flow. In these terms the two eyes are the negative and positive points, connected to the pineal gland which sits in between them and forms the third (neutral) point of a triangle. It is the interaction and balance of those three points that results in electricity or the IQ-ME effect.


Our brains have two hemispheres, the left and the right. Most of the time, our ideas originate in one hemisphere of the brain, which then imposes the idea upon the other hemisphere. The greater the separation between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, the more difficult it becomes for us to access the full potential of our intelligence. This is because that potential is realised and exercised through the communication that occurs between the left and the right sides of the brain.


IQ-ME works with simple geometric shapes to represent the mechanics of our perception (our eyes and pineal gland) which are the triangle (the negative), the square (the positive) and the circle (the neutral). When these three aspects come together in balance, rather than one imposing over the other, you have the IQ-ME effect - which results in raising intelligence and tapping into creative potential. The process of colouring the geometric shapes in IQ-ME exercises the eyes and brain in a way that naturally brings them into harmony and balance, helping calm the mind and assisting the observer to see with new eyes.  


With this technique, you can make play your practice and enhance your natural abilities as you colour.  It’s easy, it works, and no thinking is required :)